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The book Paper Prototyping contains some materials you might want to use on your next project. They're provided here in PDF format. Also see the Office Supplies page, where you'll find links to purchase materials used in paper prototyping. [You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files. If you don't already have it, download Reader now.]

Table 5.1. Overview of a Paper Prototyping Project

PDF (156KB)

A one-page overview of the activities in a paper prototype usability study. Use this document to plan your next usability study using a paper prototype.

Chapter 6. Task template and instructions

PDF (160KB)

A template used in creating tasks for usability tests (of paper prototypes or otherwise) along with instructions for its use.

Figure 8.1.Informed Consent Form

PDF (128KB)

All usability test participants should read and sign an informed consent form before the session begins.

Table 9.1 and 9.2. Pre-test Briefing Checklist and Scripts

PDF (172KB)

These two checklists and scripts illustrate how to brief users when they arrive for a usability study, and how to explain paper prototyping to them.

Chapter 10. Rules for Usability Test Observers

PDF (172KB)

If observers will sit in the same room as the users, you'll want them to understand these rules beforehand.

Figure 11.2. Affinity Diagram Process

PDF (132KB)

An affinity diagram is a method of categorizing and prioritizing usability test observations (or any other set of qualitative information)

Table 14.1. Checklist: Working Interface vs. Paper Prototype

PDF (132KB)

A checklist to help you decide whether to use a paper prototype on your next project vs. waiting to test the real interface.

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