Paper Prototyping: The fast and easy way to design and refine user interface
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This is the companion web site for the book Paper Prototyping by Carolyn Snyder. Here you’ll find downloadable versions of materials presented in the book, examples of paper prototypes, references, and more. Whether or not you’ve read the book, you’ll find useful resources here.

Already read the book? Perhaps you’re here for the material indicated by the "web enhanced" symbol in the book. You’ll find it in Downloads, along with links to office supply sites where you can buy the materials used in paper prototyping. Or maybe you’re interested in additional reading on paper prototyping – see the References and Articles.

Just curious about paper prototyping? Start with What is Paper Prototyping?. You might also peruse the articles, some of which are appropriate for readers who are new to paper prototyping. Or check out Talks and Seminars if you’d rather learn about paper prototyping from a live human being.

Still considering the book? You’ll find a detailed, annotated table of contents in About the Book.

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Morgan Kaufmann

... a wonderful book with all the practical information you need to make paper prototypes and get cost-effective usability data about your user interface designs...
 --Jakob Nielsen, Principal, Nielsen Norman Group